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Screen for Life

The New Innovative for the New Step of Screens
The Screen products manufactured by Sima-Aree Engineering Ltd., Co. have been widely used in many industrial applications. Our products conform to the API Standard with high quality and low cost. With extruded V-shaped stainless steel or Wedge Wire, and computerized precision welded assembly, Sima-Aree Screens can be used in filtering various types of fluid, including groundwater well production, oil and gas exploration and production, the food and beverage industry, sugar cane production, decorative gutters and architectural objects.
The Wedge Wire Water Well, Sand Control Screen and Dewatering Screen Panels products by Sima-Aree can be developed for use as conventional screen pipes for water wells, oil and gas exploration and production wells.
Our innovative advanced computerized technology is capable of manufacturing perforated screen pipes for the optimum utilization of groundwater well production and oil and gas exploration and production as base pipes. The continuous wrapped screens trap and prevent sediment and sand from infiltrating the production wells. The perforated pipes extend the life of the screen, and lengthen the life of the well. The perforated screens also prevent the collapse of wells. Our guarantee of satisfaction can be seen in PTTEP project.
Alternatively, Sima-Arees screen products are able to be manufactured for a variety of beverage industries based on the specific needs. For example, straining or separating juice from fruits, by juice screen, rotary drum screen. With stainless steel, the strainers can serve as long lasting separation equipment for juice or beverage processors.
For architectural applications, using rust free materials is one of many practical reasons of why stainless steel is the wiser choice. Our computerized welder can manufacture any shape, size, and style for architectural screens. These can be applied to columns, stairs, partitioned walls, gutters, shaded roof or cabana, etc.

We are able to manufacture screens in various sizes and types to accommodate a variety of applications according to a customers order. The screen can be manufactured from various types of stainless steel, including galvanized steel depending on application and customer objectives. To learn more about our screen products please visit Screen Catalog.


Drag Bits

Drag Bits for ground water well with blade for both 3 and 4 blades and Single piece and Multi pieces.
Size: 6-1/2, 6-3/4, 7-7/8, 9-5/8, 8-1/2, 10-1/2

Drill Pipe

Drill pipe: Extra Heavy Seamless Cold Drawn Steel Pipe API Grade E with API Internal Flush Tool Join Connections with External Upset. Size: 2-7/8" - 3-1/2" Diameter
Size: 2-7/8" - 3-1/2" Diameter

Submersible Pump

Submersible Pumps are driven by electric motor. We provide various sizes to meet our customers requirement from 0.5 - 3 HP.

Tri-cone Steel Tooth Rock Bits

Tri-cone Steel Tooth Rock Bits are for water well drilling and oil and gas exploration.
Size: 6-3/4" - 26"
Materail: Steel Tooth and Tungsten Carbide.

Hand Pump

Hand Pumps are followed Standard by Public Work, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health including pump and equipment for ground water well.
water well
From these pictures, recently we have sent our water well products DTH Hammer, Rock Bit, water well screens, casing pipes, Bentonite ,Drilling machine parts etc.for The Thai-Darfur Task Force 980 unit. We have already loaded all of water well products at Quartermaster Department Royal Thai Army since September 2010.
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Traditional screens

Traditional screens are often thought to be limited to filtering debris, sand and gravel from groundwater wells and oil wells. Sima-Aree Engineering Screens is an advanced and innovative technology manufacturer who is able to produce....
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