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In the field street construction and public utility infranstructure, our company complated the work ministry of Justice on September 13, 2003 after extened the due date for 120 days. Our wok was being completed 45 days before 120 days due date. The project also included eletrical system, sanitation well, and pumps.

We are able to show our confidance i mechanical engineering and ools management for construction and other project. We are knowledgeable and full of confidance in work ahead.
Our company are being trusted by Supreme command Head Quarter to fill laterite in 49.5 Rai (79,200 m?) for construction New Head Quarter of Military Development Unit in the budget of 44,560,820.- (THB) with in 7 months. The work were being divided into 5 installment.
Our company submitted the last installment work on August 27, 2002 which was complete
3 months before h de date. We received trementdous compliment from our employer.
(originally due date was on November 25, 2002).
weed removeal and drying the land before filling laterite
Laterite Filling and Compaction.
Laterite Filling and Compaction.
Laterite Filling and Compaction.
Laterite Filling and Compaction.
The Finished Project.

Hand Pumps
are followed Standard by Public Work, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health including pump and equipment for ground water well.
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Drag Bits
for ground water well with blade for both 3 and 4 blades and
Single piece and Multi pieces.
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Submersible Pumps
are driven by electric motor. We provide various sizes to meet our customers requirement from 0.5 - 3 HP.
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